Change you're mind about bullying

by andrew and hailey

males and females

males are more likely to get physically bullied but girls are more frequently to be cyber bullied or by words.

bullying places

Bulling starts usually at these places

  • hall ways
  • bus stops
  • on the bus
  • bathrooms
  • lunchroom
  • recess

I want to stay home today.

as many as 160,000 students want to stay home because of bullying.

Most student that are fiscally bullying are ones that want to stay home.

fiscally segment of bullying

no laughing matter.

Bullying is no laughing matter especially if there being touched.

50% of kids are being pushed around that not safe.

so we asked you to tell you're friends to not bully because its not right if someone is getting hurt.

Cyber segment

use the internet right

Nearly 40% of high school freshmen report bullying on the internet. But 25% of seniors report.

her are the schools are reporting cyber bullying.

  1. California
  2. New york
  3. illinois
  4. pennsylvania
  5. washington

put downs

put downs are something that a person says something that makes you sad or angry.

Like these

  • name calling
  • insalt
  • making faces like rolling eyes
  • gestures
  • imiatating making fun of people