Breakout EDU Digital

Immersive Learning Games - Problem-Solving Group Activites


Og's Great Adventure - Level 2

You’re Og the Dinosaur. You’ve got many dinosaur friends, but they’re on the other side of the mountain. Traveling there takes all day, and you don’t have the energy to get there. However, your mother dinosaur promises she’ll take you there the next day, if you can find her necklace. You remember seeing your baby brother Goo drop the necklace into a box and lock it shut. Goo doesn’t know how to talk, so it’ll be up to you to figure out the puzzles and open it!

Find the Redstone: Level 3

In this Minecraft-themed breakout designed for elementary and up, students will help Minecraft Steve find his missing Redstone. We had a number of requests for a Minecraft one and more elementary games, so this is sure to be a hit!

Measuring the Mystery - Level 4

You’ve just arrived to science class and you sit down with your lab group. On your desk is a mysterious box and some supplies for measuring different objects, including a graduated cylinder, ruler, thermometer, and digital balance. Suddenly, you notice your teacher standing next to your lab group, looking frantic. She says to your group, “someone has locked the field trip permission slips in that box! We can’t go to the zoo unless you can get them out! If you are able to unlock to box before the end of the period, you don’t have to take tomorrow’s science test.”

Breakout EDU Digital: Padlet Reflection/Response