Pamlico Sound

By Armando Rosas

Pamlico Sound Info

The Pamlico sound is found off the coast of N.C. in the outer banks. The pamlico sound is an estuary which filters toxins from entering the groundwater. It is also a good source of income from the tourism. Tourists can enjoy many activities such as windsurfing, jet-skiing, swimming and many more. It is also important to the ecosystem as it is a diverse ecosystem. You should be on the lookout for great blue herons, white ibises, snowy egrets, the rare white pelicans and even american bald eagles.

Extra Info

The pamlico sound is fed by three inlets, the Oregon inlet, Hatteras inlet, and the Ocracoke inlet. Threats to the sound(s) are excessive nutrients from plant fetilizer and wastes from animals and people. It is nonpoint source pollution. Also toxic materials is another threat which get into the sound and kill off fish and wildlife. Erosion is also a threat to the sound, when it rains water erodes the land which washes away soil that kills clams, oysters and other bottom dwellers.