Noticing Zero

A Description of Zero

The characters appearance

Zero is a character in the book novel Holes.He is short, has dark, curly hair, has a wide mouth and he is African American.

The characters actions

Zero says he likes to dig "Holes",he dose not now how to read or write,barly talks.Zero asked Mr.Pendanski ,because there's nothing inside his head(pg.19).Zero is always with Stanley.(pg.48).Both Mr.Pendanski and X-Ray called him Zero.

What the character says

Zero's mouth was shut tight (pg.58) .The smile was now gone from Zero's face (pg.58) .Even Zero smiled.It was the first time Stanley had ever seen Zero smiled.Even you Zero."What about it,Zero"? asked Mr.Pendanski.

What others say about the character

"You know why his name's Zero?" asked Mr.pendanski."Because there's nothing inside his head."He smiled and playful shook Zero's shoulder.