The Southwest by Megan S.

Physical and Human Characteristics


The states in the Southwest region are: New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma.


Have you ever been to the caverns and the caves in the Southwest? There are over 85 of them. If you have been to the Southwest you might have seen low plains and deserts. There are a lot of plateaus, one of the most famous is the Colorado Plateau. The Grand Canyon is also in the Southwest. I hope you get to visit one day, it is a very cool place to see.

Major bodies of Water

Have you ever been to one of the bodies of water in the Southwest? If you have you might have seen The Ohio River, The Colorado River, The Salt River, Rio Grande, or The Gila River. There are only a couple lakes and rivers in the Southwest, but the Southwest still has some. I hope you get to visit one time.


This is all about the climate. The Southwest has a warm climate. For that reason lots of people move to the Southwest. In the summer often it is over 100 degrees. The Southwest has very little water supply. If you haven't been to the Southwest before you might want to visit sometime, it's a cool place.

Natural Resources

Have you ever been to the Southwest region and seen all the Natural Resources? If you have been there you might have seen copper, gold, iron, and lots of oil resources. Oil is important becasue we use it in cars and trucks. Gold is important to this region becasue it is very valuable.


Here are some of the animals in the Southwest, owls, lizards, road runners, desert tortoises, moose, elk, deer, there are lots of fishes in the streams, sheep, and there are over 1,000 bats in the southwest caves. I hope you can get to visit and see all of the animals in the Southwest region. They are very important!

Settlement patterns (cities)

If you have been to the Southwest region you might have been to one of these major cities Phoenix, Dallas, Santa Fe, and El Paso. If you haven't been to the Southwest region try to visit one day. Its a very neat place.

Important jobs or buisnesses

Have you ever been to the Southwest? If you have been you might have seen people working on a farm, because there is farming in the Southwest region. Other jobs are ranching and oil is a HUGE buisness in the Southwest region. Come to the Southwest region to learn how all the jobs work.

Interesting Facts

  • The main languges that are spoken is English, but some people speak Spanish.
  • Some people live in pueblo houses.
  • An attraction is that because it is so hot lots of people move to the Southwest region.
  • In the Petrified Forest they have petrified wood.
  • There was a war between the U.S. and Mexico because of what Texas wanted to do.
  • Some of their foods are tortillas, peppers, and tamales.
Come to the Southwest it is a VERY interesting place!


My sources were Kentucky Adventures Book p38 and p39, Mr. Barr (my teacher's dad), and

Plateau- an area of relatively level high ground

Natural Features- landscape features that were created by natural prosseces

Human Fetaures- things that people have built or made their way of life.

Landmark- an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and reconized from a distance, escpecily one that enables someone to establish their location