Louis Armstrong

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A Prominent African American Jazz Trumpetist

Louis Armstrong was not only one of the best jazz trumpet players of his time, but also one of the best vocalists. His ability to improvise and smooth tone quality made him not only relaxing and entertaining to listen to, but also transformed at-the-time contemporary jazz. Louis was an inspiration for many other African American musicians because of how successful he was.


Louis was awarded a Grammy award in 1964 for his performance of "Hello, Dolly!". He also received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is presented by the Recording Academy's National Trustees to an individual who, during his or her lifetime, made contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of music.


Below is a list of several of Louis' songs that were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame:

  • St. Louis Blues (1925)
  • Heebie Jeebies (1926)
  • West End Blues (1928)
  • Blue Yodel No. 9 (1930)
  • All of Me (1932)
  • Mack the Knife (1955)
  • Porgy and Bess (1958)
  • Hello Dolly! (1964)
  • What a Wonderful World (1967)



Louis refused to listen to his doctor and played two-week concert in March 1971 in New York. At the end of his concert, he was hospitalized for a heart attack. He was then released from the hospital in May and subsequently died of a heart attack on June 6th.
Louis Armstrong - Mini Biography
Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World


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