By: Marissa Singrasabout & Tyre Jones

Plot Summary

A young girl from Michigan, named Coraline moves to a new home and feels unappreciated by her parents. Until one night she discovers a new life in an other world just like hers but much better. In the other world, Coraline has an other mother, who cooks very good , an other father, who plays the piano, and other neighbors, who are very talented, an a unnamed black cat who can talk.

Coraline's Monster

Coraline finds her other mother who is warmer, more attentive and a better cook then her real mother. Also she has buttons instead of eyes. The symbolism of buttons instead of eyes is extremely important in this movie: it illustrates that the characters in the alternate world are puppets fabricated by the handler. It is later revealed that the other mother is the handler in disguise.

At one point Wybie gives Coraline a strange gift: a doll that looks just like her. in this story this symbolism dolls represents the slaves alter persona. Coraline will call this doll "little me". This doll goes everywhere Coraline goes. However sometimes the doll appears to lure Coraline to where the handler wants here to go: the alternate world or in MK terms, dissociation.

The Other Mother then proposes a deal: either go home and be miserable or let me sew buttons into your eyes and stay here forever. Coraline refuses the button deal, other mother gets angry and we see her true form. The illusion of the other world is broken.

Coraline sees the true form of the other mother, a skeletal spider like monstrosity. When MK slaves give in to dissociation the relieve it causes at first quickly turns into a nightmare.

"Coraline" Official Trailer

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