Oline Bullying

The Silent Threat


Online bullying is a very serious matter and is effecting a lot of young people through social network. Young people are commiting suicide because of online bullying.
On the Digital Citizenship website there is information for students, teachers and parents about being safe and responsible online. There are games that help teach you how to make good decision on line. One of the games was party planner. In this game you have friends asking you to make decisions on what music to use, how to send the invitations, hire the costumes your going to wear and upload the photos. The game gives you choices for each part and you have to choose the one that is safer online.

The Button

On the website, the primary and secondary page has a help button. This button is found on quite a few web pages, like school portals. The button was made by the government so that people who are being bullied online can report it and get advice. It is able to be downloaded onto phones, computers and Google home screens.

The Videos

Below are some videos from the website. The first 3 are from the secondary page and the bottom 4 are off the primary page. The last one is a music video instead of just a normal video. These videos are helpful because they show kids situations that they could be caught in and how to get out of the situation safely.
321849 - "Tom's Story"
Make cyberspace a better place - Katie - Cybersafety
Safer Internet Day 2009