Teens Protecting Privacy Online

By: Garrett H

Be Safe When Connecting

When you are online and chatting people that you don’t know make sure you have ways to keep your privacy safe. Also remember to keep some things to yourself like your age ,birthday ,and your mother’s maiden name. Don’t ever forget that things you delete can always be found again. Always make sure that your parents know about the networks you are on.

Online Predators

Also remember that people online may not be who they seem. Always be careful of who you talk to online and don’t ever go to meet when you barely know them. Other predators just like to make fun of you and make you feel bad. Always make sure to be careful and if someone cyber bullying you tell a parent.

Posting Photos and Things

Always remember that you need to ask your friend if you can post a picture of them and you on a network. If one of your friends puts a picture of you online and without your permission tell them to remove it. And don’t post anything inappropiate about your friends or anyone else. Always remember to be nice and don’t cyber bully.

Laws About Privacy

There are online sites that teens and kids need to be a certain age to be on that website. Some people or teens lie about their age to use the social networking site. The site then thinks that that person is that age and those people can be hurt or cyber bullied. I think that you should keep some things to yourself and keep personal.

Strong Passwords

You always need to remember to have strong passwords. If you don’t have strong passwords someone can say bad stuff about you on social networks. Make sure that none knows your passwords but your parents or teachers if the project is for school. Make sure that you are on networks that you are old enough and able to with your parents perimission.