Girls On The Run

Lesson 4- Self-Talk Lesson 5- Untangling Our Emotions


We will send home Running Buddy information with the girls this week. Please read through the information and let your coaches know if you have any questions.

The Girls on the Run program provides a safe and interactive way to learn about healthy living which includes an introduction and education on important topics such as goal-setting, cooperation, healthy decision-making, and self-respect, while training for a 5K event. The innovative curriculum teaches girls to listen and open up while also encouraging them to commit to a healthy lifestyle, and harness the inner strength that they possess. Our important mission is accomplished by giving girls the tools to make positive choices for a healthy body and mind, while reducing the many risks they face today. Each girl needs to have a Running Buddy to participate with her on the day of the Girls on the Run of Northwest Ohio 5k on Saturday, November 21st at The Shops at Fallen Timbers.

The Running Buddy has the following responsibilities:

  • Be a role model for their buddy;
  • Provide encouragement for their buddy during the Girls on the Run season through written notes, emails, or phone calls to check in on their season;
  • Try to attend the practice 5k for their buddy’s site (date and details to follow from coaches)
  • Run with their buddy in the Girls on the Run 5k Event
  • Register for the Girls on the Run of Northwest Ohio 5k – online registration available now!

Running buddies can be male or female, should be at least 16 years of age, and MUST be able to run a 5k (3.1 miles). Many times a family member or close friend serves as a running buddy.

We also have volunteers who are very excited to serve as Running Buddies if your daughter does not have someone that is able to run with her. We will coordinate a volunteer for your GOTR who will be background checked through GOTR and very excited to cheer your participate on throughout the duration of her 5k! If you have any questions regarding a volunteer running buddy, please email us at


Today’s lesson educates the girls about self-talk. Self-talk is what we think in our mind about ourselves or say aloud to others about ourselves. The girls share examples of positive and negative self-talk and learn tactics to recognize and eliminate negative self-talk. They also play games that reinforce using positive self-talk.

Questions & Conversation Starters:

  1. What is negative self-talk?

  2. Have I ever said anything that you think is negative self-talk?

  3. Where do you think negative self-talk comes from?

  4. Can you think up a signal or sound we can use if we catch each other saying something negative about ourselves? Let’s try it!

  5. Since we can choose our thoughts, let’s each say something positive about ourselves! Now let’s give ourselves an energy award for being positive! What award would you like to do?


Today’s lesson is about emotional health. The girls explore different kinds of emotions and discuss how uncomfortable emotions, such as anger, sorrow, and frustration make them feel.They are also learning the importance of being able to identify their emotions. Lastly, they are discussing methods to effectively manage their emotional responses.

Questions & Conversation Starters:

  1. What are some examples of emotions? Are there any “bad” emotions? (There are not – emotions are just comfortable or uncomfortable)

  2. What happens if we feel like we can’t express some of our emotions?

  3. Why is it important to let our friends and family feel all of their emotions, even if it makes us uncomfortable?

  4. Have you ever had a feeling inside, but you didn’t know what emotion it was?

5. One thing you learned today was the importance of taking in a deep breath and ‘being’ with a feeling to figure out exactly what it is. Then you can figure out what it is you are feeling. Let’s do that now. Let’s take a minute to be quiet, breathe deeply and then share what we are feeling.