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Aloe Elementary

Welcome to the New School Year!

Can you believe that it's that time again? Me neither! This flyer is new technology that I was introduced to at a meeting and I wanted to share it with everyone as a way to communicate with others in a creative, fun way. Students could even use this to create newsletters for the classroom. Pretty neat, right? I am going to include some links below to the databases and to BrainPop (which, thanks to the PTO we will have again this school year ~ YAY!). If you come across a neat educational site and you want me to add it to the Symbaloo, please share and I will put it up. Don't forget to bookmark the ones I send you! Have a great day and keep on smilin'!

Aloe Elementary Library

I will share neat resources on the library web site like videos, book trailers, book talks, reviews, research resources, and many others! Check it out and don't forget to bookmark it :)