Kinder Corner

Week 4

Teddy Bear Sleepover - Thursday, September 22nd!

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Please have your child bring his/her favorite stuffed animal to school on Thursday. We will do some fun activities with them, and the stuffed animal will sleepover at school with our classroom Buddy Bear. Your child will bring the stuffed animal back home on Friday. We hope that every child will be able to participate in this annual Kindergarten event!

Logins and Library Numbers

About 1/3 of the grade level already knows their library numbers! Woo-hoo! That made library checkout so efficient this week.

Please visit so your child can practice his/her login and password. Pressing shift + M and shift + ! can be tricky.

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School Start Time

Please remember that children must be unpacked and ready to learn by the 7:45 bell. If you drop your child off in the morning, please make sure they are here by 7:30. This gives them plenty of time to take care of their morning routines, have a few minutes to greet their friends, and start their day feeling relaxed vs. rushed.

Word Family Cards

Please keep the purple _at word family cards with the ring in them at home for the rest of the year. We will send you new word family cards almost weekly that you can add to the collection and practice reading with your child.
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Curriculum Coming Up...

Language Arts: Letter Aa

High frequency word (HFW): the

Word Family: _am

Math: Number sense -

identifying quantities

comparing numbers (more, less, same)

using a number line

different combinations to make a number

Science: I Am a Scientist - science tools

Social Studies: Flags