MOTIVATION - The demand for Halal products has increase significantly due to the development of Muslim populations around the world.

PROBLEM STATEMENT - In the context of the current world is not sufficient if only known about Halal food and Islamic perspective otherwise know about its importance to our health.

APPROACH - This product combines the tastes between two countries, which are Korea and Malaysia. “Jeju” is a famous place in Korea and favored by all tourist who’s come to the country, while “Pulut” is a traditional food in Malaysia and it symbolizes the originality of Malay community. This product was created to explore the various tastes in “Pulut Jeju”. It is a nutritious food and give many benefits to people.

RESULTS - 1. Pulut is good for skin. 2. Carrot is good for eyes. 3. Almond is good for brain. 4. Egg give protein to human body.

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B: Novelty and inventivenes - The idea of product coming out through brainstorming of our discussion. We have decided to choose egg as the basic ingredients of the product based on few consideration such as change seaweed with egg .We considered that it is our original idea because this product is not in market yet . The main ingredians of product are egg and glutinous rice (pulut). We have taken the starting step by doing some reseach on people who do not eat sushi or gimbap which worried about the level of its halal status. Our work planning process are as follow; Operational budget of this project over all are RM19.20.

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C: Usefulness and Practicality - Pulut Jeju can improve skin elasticity and recover dull skin. It also effective to people who consumed diet because it does not contain amylose (fat), carrot help to brighten the eyes because it contains nutrients of vitamin A, eggs are good source of protein and keep the rate absorption of calories and gives a sense of fullness, and almond is one of the sunnah food and has many benefit and good for helping children's growth. It is our hope that the product "pulut jeju" contributes to the development ummah to avoid confusion in choosing Halal food. It also gives benefits to Muslim economic.

D. Market Potentialities - We promoted our product through online advertising via facebook, instagram and whatsApps. Besides, we also joining smaller scale business booth such as Halal Festival. Our target market is open to all stage ages especially people. This product does not contain chemical ingredient will harm our health. It also suitable for children and elderly people because it easy to eat and digest.