Fallen Angels

By Walter Dean Myers

Are you tough enough to take the trip with Richie?

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Strength in Survival

Just after graduating high school, Richie Perry found himself headed off to the Vietnam War. At 17 his dream of becoming a writer had been postponed because his family could not afford college. Through the many trials and tribulations he encountered, he learns what is most important-staying alive.

"My plans, maybe just my dreams really, had been to go to college, and to write. . . . All the other guys in the neighborhood thought I was going to college. I wasn't, and the army was the place I was going to get away from all the questions."

You read about Vietnam in your history books. Now, don't miss this opportunity to walk alongside Perry and live the war for yourself.

Praise for Fallen Angels

"War-Story fans will find enough action here, though it isn't glorified....Readers will be haunted- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"A riveting account of the Vietnam War"-School Library Journal, starred review

"This gut-twisting Vietnam War novel... breaks uncharted ground"-Booklist, starred review

An Award Winner

Coretta Scott King Award Winner

ALA Best Book for Young Adults

Booklist Editors' Choice

School Library Journal Best Book

Come, fight for your life in Vietnam alongside young Perry in Fallen Angels. If you wait there may not be a copy left.