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Trees Unit

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Dear Parents,

This week we had a great discussion about trees. We examined two types of trees near the playground. We focused on the parts of the tree as well as its color, smell, bark etc. We also learned a new song called " The green grass grows all around". We have great LOUD singers! We also read The Giving Tree and we did a beautiful activity called the Giving Heart.

Students made and cut a shape of a heart, they decorated and they chose a friend to give that heart. In literacy, we were rhyming words by playing Ticky Ricky. We collected a basket of items that the children can name. We asked to each child to select an object from the basket, name the object, and say a word that rhyme it.

Next week, we will talk about Who lives in Trees? and What food comes from Trees?

Please ask your child the following question:

What do you know about trees? write their answers and send it to school on Monday. This will be our sharing activity on Monday Morning.




food from trees









Green grass grows all around


Tomorrow is our FAMILY FUN FAIR!!!!

4th Grade is organizing a book sale on Tuesday, April 7th to raise money for our sister school in el Valle (second hand books/This is not mandatory).


ISP will help to launch Pink Shirt Day in Panama on May 4th, 2015.

Pink Shirt Day on May 4th. The shirts cost $10; however, ISP is donating $5, which means the super official Pink Shirt Day T-shirt now only costs staff and students $5.


· Shirts will be sold during recess breaks by SRC and teacher volunteers.

· Sales will be ongoing throughout the month of April



Who? Community Upstanders (ISP students & staff)

What? To unite and raise awareness about bullying

Where? ISP Campus

When? May 4th

How? By either purchasing an official sexy PINK SHIRT (see below) or by wearing your own on the date indicated above


Parent teacher conference will be taking place April 14th and 15th (More information to come).

The Giving Heart

Our Flag Ceremony

Ticky Ricky - Phonological awareness activity-Rhyming words

Investigating Trees/Having fun with this study unit