Glass Library Newsletter

September 2015

Student News

We Are Open for Lunch

Students are welcome to come to the library during both lunches. All they have to do is stop by the library before 1st lunch to pick-up a library lunch pass from the box near the front door. The green passes are for first lunch and the yellow passes are for second lunch.

RAM = Board Games

We will have board games set-up for students to play during RAM which begins next Tuesday, September 15. In order for students to participate, they need to sign-up at the circulation desk in the library. If anyone would like to donate games, please contact Sarah Mabery at

New Titles

Our new book selections are displayed on the bookcase in front of the big window. Feel free to come browse and check-out a book to take with you. We welcome students to make suggestions on titles they would like to see in the library. The following covers are some highlights from this month.

Faculty and Staff News

We Want to Collaborate with You!

We are always looking for ways to support your classroom instruction. From getting you the necessary textbooks and calculators to ordering materials that will help you, we are here to help. Here are some of the highlights so far:

  • Located and ordered book resources for Karen Yates's leadership class
  • Located and ordered book resources for Adam Dupere's World Literature II class
  • Attended a PLC meeting with Advanced World Literature I teachers to brainstorm assignments for choice reading and created a criteria for success for a book review
  • Attended a PLC meeting with Advanced World Literature II teachers to begin discussing research paper
  • Taught Mrs. McCormick's and Mrs. Wolk's 9th grade students and Mr. Marshall's 11th grade students how to access the Destiny card catalog
  • Explained to Mrs. Megginson's students what resources the library had, where they were in the library, and how to access the Destiny card catalog

Technology Spotlight

Zoom In - This free web-based platform "builds literacy and historical thinking skills through 'deep dives' into primary and secondary sources." This resource would be great for United States History and American Literature teachers.

Professional Resources for Teachers

We continue to add professional resources to our collection. September's highlights include books on Classroom Management. Let us know if there are any titles you would like for us to order.

Circulation Statistics

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