E-safety guide



you should never open a email from someone you do not no because you never know what it could be,for instance it could be someone trying to bully you or someone trying to spam you.

However email are sometimes good because you might have a email mailed to you that is very important

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Social networks

Don't put your important stuff on a social network site such as your number or email because someone could track you down and stalk you and you wont like you.

On the other hand people could email you and text you and bully you or harass you so you wouldn't like it so don't put your important stuff on social media.

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make sure you are not getting cyber bullied.If your getting cyber bullied you need to get rid or block the person that's bullying you. If you can not do that make sure you tell someone such as a parent,carer or a teacher any of them would help you massively even if your shy if you have a minute or two make sure you go on this website and have a look around IT WILL HELP!
Think you know website

make sure you have a look.