Ice Cube "It was a good day" Review


Name of musician: Ice cube

Name of song: It was a good day

Genre of music: Gangsta rap

The first time I heard Ice Cube I was very impressed with his music, and i wanted to listen to more songs that he created. Ice cube's music was relaxing, it was so chill because he raps so smooth In a good rhythm. Every beat had rhythm wich I liked.

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Musician background

Ice cube has been rapping since 1984 and he is 45 years old. Ice Cube was born on June 15, 1969, in Los Angeles California, he is a rapper and an actor, he was also known in two video games. Ice cube first started to rap in highschool, and started with Dr.Dre, which he did a duo.

Ice cubes previouslys known song is called "Sic em youngins on 'em," and was also a great hit.

This song is also compared to Dr.Dre's music because they both are rappers, they both also have the same rhythm and make there beats great. Also they both sing with deep voices and sing nice and slow so people can understand them. They both have fame and loads of money, they have also done duos.

The overall theme for this song is that it is gangster rap, and he kept this song very chill. I am very confident with this song.

My opinions about the lyrics of this song is that it was about how ice cubes day, how it was going while the song was going and looked like he was always getting into trouble, bad things happening but everything turned out to be good.

Impressions and opinions

I was also impressed with this song when I first heard this song because he also learned from Dr.Dre, he was inspired to be a rapper. The best qualities about this song are the beats, the rhythm of the music, ice cube also sings it slow so that people can understand what he is saying, and also his lyrics are very well done. These are great qualities because ice cube sings very smooth, and in his video, he had some great effects. Some bad qualities about this song is that he has some lyrics hat should have never been added there such as in one part when he wanted a burger. This is compared to some other rappers because they sing smooth. Ice cube and Dr.Dre because they both are friends and sometimes they do duos, they both have the same genre of music, and they always take their time on their music.

Overall rating


I gave this overall rating because I loved the song but in some lyrics it has some messed up.