By Paris VanderZanden

Typing Web is the name of a website that the students at Lineville Intermediate use every Technology Class. Typing Web is used by every student for five minutes at the beginning of every class. Typing web has different coarses depending our your level of typing skills.


Another unit/project, we did in technology was the iTrailer. An iTrailer is made with the app iMovie, that we use from our iPads. Our assignment was to create a movie trailer about anything you desire. Then we had the option to share our completed videos to the rest of the class.
Haiku Deck is a website/app that we used to make a presentation. Our goal was to make a finished presentation about our dream jobs. We had to incorporate what college that we would go to, about the job, our pay, the tuition to go to that certain college, fun facts,ect.

Explain Everything is a website/app that allows you to make videos while recording your voice and drawing at the same time. Our assignment this unit, was to create a video using the app Explain Everything, solving a chosen math problem.

Career Locker is a website our technology classes used for a unit. Career Locker helps students find a career, college and future plans for their life. We had help in this unit from Mrs. VandenBoogaard.
Code is a website that we use to get into computer coding. Coding is creating sequences, games, and drawings by putting together blocks. Coding is a great skill to learn, and as technology advances, our knowledge is too with using coding.