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Week of October 28th Curriculum Updates

End of the FIRST MARKING Period! It is hard to believe that next week the first making period ends. This part of the academic year has simply flown by. We did so much in this marking period. As you know third grade is a year of growth. A goal for third grade is to help students become independent learners. The second marking period is one of increased responsibility and many new concepts in all academic areas.

Reading: Written responses in reading is a critical skill and a skill that PSSA measures to assess comprehension. This is a BIG goal for the second marking period and one that promotes students in becoming independent learners. The reading log that you see weekly is just one example of a reading response. In class the students will be respond to Lead 21 stories in reading, write responses in science to show their understanding of the content, and write responses in math to explain how they solved a problem.

The goals of my instruction include:

1. Restating the question in the opening sentence

2. Use of transition words to signal the reader to the different points made

3. Citing three pieces of evidence or supporting details to answer the question.

4. Distinguishing the important ideas in a text

5. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling of third grade high frequency words.

This is a lot of work! However, I will go slowly to ensure that your child fully understands how to write about their reading and their learning. Beginning in the second marking period, I will begin to use a rubric to score their reading log. Please review the rubric as it clearly defines the expectations for writing reading responses.

More reading: Next week we are going to spend more time reading and creating our own Scaredy Squirrel stories. To connect with our Unit One theme of change, the students will write a story that involves Scaredy Squirrel making a change in some way. The kids are very excited about creating their stories.

Read Aloud: We are nearing the end of our second read aloud, Everything For A Dog. It was an unexpected surprise! I feel as if our first two books have truly sparked a love for reading in our room. I have never had a group of students who are always talking about books! We will have a read aloud assessment towards the end of the week. I already have our next book selected- and it is a great one! I'm keeping it a secret until we start!

7 Habits of Happy Kids: Next week we are going to continue to learn about Habit 5 –Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. Due to Halloween and buddy activities, we need more time! To follow are a few points that I will address with this habit:

· I am confident in voicing my ideas

· I look people in the eyes when talking

· I listen to other people’s ideas and feelings

· I try to see things from their viewpoints

· I listen to others without interrupting

Science- There will be a quiz on the moon and sun Friday, November 8th. I will send a study guide on Monday since yesterday was a not a good day to send it. Today the students started a fun science activity titled, Minion Rescue Mission! This project targets the big ideas about the moon, use of the 7 Habits, writing, and obviously science skills. The students are working in “mission” teams to rescue a Minion who is stuck on the moon. The groups need to rescue a minion who traveled to the moon and can no longer get back to Earth. When their mission team attempts to land, they crash and cannot use their space ship any longer.

Teams are given 12 items for survival. They must separate their items into two groups. The two groups are made up of those items that are necessary and those that are not necessary for survival. Once they divide their supplies, they must then rank them according to importance and write explanations to justify their decisions. Groups must apply their knowledge of the moon in order to survive and make it back to Earth with their Minion!

Students will be assessed on their science knowledge and on their application of the 7 Habits that help to support their team's mission.

Math: Unit 3 begins on Monday! This unit focuses on measurement. The new ideas in this unit are area and perimeter. Please make sure that your child is going onto Xtramath. If you are having difficulty accessing this website, please let me know. The students can log in with my email address and use their pin (which can be found on the inside front cover of their homework book. You will start seeing Xtramath written in for homework.

Halloween- Thank you so MUCH for a great Halloween! The children looked fantastic and we had a great time at the party. Thank you Mrs. Brisendine for planning wonderful activities! Thank you also to Mrs. Forman and Mrs. Marjarum for attending and helping.

November Conferences: Thank you to everyone for signing up for your November conference time! I am looking forward to discussing your child and in celebrating their hard work thus far! I am closing the sign up next week. If you need to make changes to your time, please contact me via email. Thank you!

Quote of the week!

Ask Me!

Below are a few questions to ask your child about their week.

1. What is one difference between the moon and Earth?

2. How can the heading of an article or a caption for a photograph help you understand the passage more?

3. How are you using Pig Poppers in math?

4. How can you show someone that you are listening to them?

Weekly Reminders and Updates

Important Dates:

11/6- Early Dismissal 12:20pm


11/8- Moon/ Sun Quiz

Making Your Mark

We used the book, The Dot at the start of the year to help us understand how perseverance and resiliency promote growth. I don't know about you, but in my house the Disney Channel is on often. More recently there have been short segments on Making Your Mark. I love this short video because it truly is the 7 Habits and grit in action. In the following clip, two you girls make their difference by starting a rescue mission for animals. Considering our read aloud story, I knew this would be a great one for the students to see.
Ava and Lexie's Animal Shelter - Make Your Mark - Disney Channel Official