But I Eat Healthy...

You have every intention of eating healthy, getting to the gym on a regular basis, balancing your life between family, work, and self much more effectively. This year, month, week will be THE TIME that it sticks. Whether you are making the change for personal reasons, a milestone birthday, or for your own health – you still experience the same results. Your healthy diet gradually dilutes itself to the point that you may eat one good meal a day. You tell your friends that you are eating right MOST of the time. The pounds start creeping up. Your visits to the gym diminish to once a week (because you are soooo busy, right?) and you are still on your high blood pressure meds because the doctor isn’t noticing a budge in the diastolic or systolic number.

New Routine

Sound familiar?? That’s because it is incredibly common. Why does this happen again, and again; year after year; week after week? It is because you have not instituted a new habit loop into your life. If you want to truly make a change, then you must create a new, lasting habit in your life in which there is no choice but for you to follow this new plan. Want to make the switch from cookies to fruit for your evening snack? Then creating a new routine is the way to make this happen.

The following is an outline of the three-step process that I will address in my future blogs that will assist you in developing healthier habits and ultimately making a success of previous fails:

  1. Identify the Problem or Current Habit

    What is the greatest failure of my current nutritional program? We will dig deeper than this. Why is it a problem? Why you are not achieving your goals when you are eating healthy most of the time? For example, the problem is that you overindulge on chips and salsa when you eat at a Mexican food restaurant.

  2. Creating a New Habit

    You can eliminate problems or current bad habits by creating a NEW habit.

  3. Replace the Reward

    Find out what you are truly seeking during this habit. Is it nutrients from the food? More times than not, the answer is no. Replacing the reward with a non-food reward is essential.

Still confused? TKO Nutrition can help you accomplish your goal, be it weight loss, a healthier lifestyle, or just looking better in that bathing suit this summer. Each blog posted will provide you with a little more information to help you understand the dynamics behind creating new, healthy routines that will guide your mind and body to achieving your desired results. Are you already convinced? Then contact april@tkonutrition.com to set up an appointment for more information.

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