The Indians wanted their independence to their peace from Britain because they though that it was unfair that the British forced them to fight for them in WII while being denied their own freedom. Although they got their independence they had to face many obstacles to get it. Some obstacles they faced were

  • India was divided into two separate nations (Hindus and Muslims)
  • Thousands of people died because of issues with religious differences (violent acts and riots)
Now that they have their independence ,today, India is still kind of struggling.Their economy had grown remarkably but only brought prosperity to only a minority of people.Millions of people live in India poor in crowded cities.


China at first was under the Soviet Union. But as time went on, China slowly started breaking away from the Soviets due to ideology differences and disagreements. So they wanted to be free from the Soviet Union. While trying to break free, China faced many challenges. These challenges (just to name a few )were small commune factories failed,famine,when Mao lost control over the government (during the Cultural Revolution) thousands of people were killed and in many areas civil authority collapsed while economic activity fell off...HARD!As an ending result, today China still faces many challenges concerning population over growth !