Feel Like a Teenager Again with D3

Dil Dosti Dance

The one thing that can be said about teenagers is the constant drama they have in their lives. This is the time when they are doing many things for the first time. They are becoming mature and the things they once loved, suddenly become childish and unnecessary. It is also the time, when they fall in love for the first time. This is a very emotional and confusing stage it also gives some great stories which can be told for the rest of your life.

This is exactly why teen drama has emerged as a popular genre in television. Young kids love keeping track of these shows, because it is something, which they can relate to and understand. One show, which has been an epic success on the small screen, is D3, Dil Dosti Dance.

This show circles around the lives of a group of teenagers who have got admission into St. Louis College in Mumbai. This is one of the most reputed dance schools in the country and people from all over, dream of studying here. A number of great dancers and choreographers have graduated from this institution, which is proof that it is the place to be for up and coming dancers.

The lead character in D3 Dil Dosti Dance show is Kria Ghai, who has come all the way from Dehradun, against her mother’s wishes, in order to live her dream of becoming a dancer. When she reaches the college, she realizes that the students are divided into two groups the Dazzlings and the Weaklings. She is a gifted dancer and so she stands out from the crowd.

But it also brings the attention of Sharon Rai Prakash and sparks a rivalry between these two gifted dancers. If that wasn’t enough drama, there is the added factor of young kids falling in love. This makes the show absolutely thrilling to watch and leaves the audience completely hooked.

So if you are looking for something new to watch, try catching a few episodes of this show. The thrill and drama of being a teenager is sure to take you by storm and leave you completely entertained. So go on and give it a try, you may just find your new favorite show.