The Murderof the handicapped

By: Chloe Dudley


Hitler and the Germans were murderers of the elderly, physically and incurably ill, Jews, and Germans. Hitler created gas chambers, concentration camps, and he also set up a master race. If the people were Jews, German, or even black, hitler would punish you for having those features. Millions of people were sent to a concentration camp or put into a gas chamber and told everybody was going to take a shower. Another horrifying thing hitler did was inject pregnant women with deadly chemicals so they could not give birth. This was called forced sterilization. Hitler believed that everybody that had blue eyes, blonde hair and was tall deserved to live. This was called The master race.

The Master Race

Hitler believed in a Germanic or Aryan master race. This meant that anybody who was German or Aryan would live through the Holocaust and not be murdered. Once the news spread out of the area this information got into newspapers and posters. The idea officially became to come true whenever scientists were injecting people with a deadly dose of poison into their bodies to kill them. When Hitler was elected, the master race became a government ideology. The doctors believed that this would improve the master race by limiting the reproduction of those that are “inferior”.Some that were targeted would include the gypsies, handicapped individuals, including those that were born deaf and blind and those that were mentally ill, and African-Germans. The nazis saw the Jews as more of a parasite than a religion, saying that they were a poisonous race that fed off of other races and weakened them. Teachers began to measure skull size and nose length, as well as the color of each students eyes and hair to determine if they truly belonged to the Aryan race. This affected about 400,000 people. Hitler believed in master races, Gas chamber, and concentration camps. He would send innocent people away to die. Gas chambers were the main place where he would send Jews to die and he would tell them that they are going to take a shower.

The Gas Chambers

The gas chambers were just like showers but instead of water coming out it was poisonous gasses that killed and suffocated people to death in the small space they were in. The Nazis would invade the houses of the ill, Jews, and the homosexual. Once they invaded their houses the Nazi’s would tell the people inside that they were going to be sent to take a shower. The Nazi also started to invent gas cars so when the Jews and handicapped were sent away they would be gassed in the car so they wouldn't have to wait to die at the chambers. The Chambers, and cars were important but, the process and the outcome of the Holocaust was very important to society and the way things were from then on.

The process and the results

The result of the Holocaust resulted in losing over 400,000 Jews. The outcome of the Holocaust was called the Aftermath. The Aftermath released the children and the remaining adults from the camps. The children was scared of going back home because they thought they might be taken away again or be beaten by the Nazi even though the Holocaust ended. When they were released the Jews still got beaten or killed because they were Jewish. The handicapped were healed after the Holocaust because doctors had a chance to find ways to get medicine and ways to treat the ill and handicapped. Everybody who survived will have some stories to tell the people who want to know more about what the Holocaust was like. Right before the Holocaust ended Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide in Hitler’s underground bunker with his service pistol on April 30, 1945. The German court did not officially declare Hitler dead until 1956 when the trial ended.


The murders and the tragedy went on for several years but, nobody did anything to stop it. Hitler died April 30, 1945 even though people are telling stories about him that are being told everyday. How Hitler ruled the Holocaust, How Hitler started it, what Hitler did, how Hitler died. There are still less Jews today then there would have been if the Holocaust never existed. Jews are still repopulating but, there population will never be the same again. 400,000 Jews taken, killed, put into camps to work to death, or even arrested just for walking out on the streets. The Jews needed help. Why didn't the Americans stand up against the Nazi and help the Jews? Why didn't the news spread faster so people could stand up for the Jews?