GCS iPad Update

November 2014

Google Drive

I know it's only November, and that's not really the time for resolutions, but I need everyone to commit to a new habit. Starting today, save EVERYTHING you do on a computer or laptop to Google Drive.

I promise this new habit will make your life easier! You can save Word documents, PowerPoints, and even videos to Google Drive. The great thing about Google Drive is that ANYTHING you put in Google Drive can easily be put into eBackpack!

Google Drive

On a Computer: Send File from Google Drive to eBackpack

From a computer, you can turn a file in from Google Drive to eBackpack.

  1. Open gracetyler.ebackpack.com
  2. Login
  3. Select the Class.
  4. Select the Assignment folder.
  5. In the right-hand column, tap the plus (+) sign in the Assignment Submission block.
  6. Select the file you wan to turn in. (Notice, Google Drive is an option.)
  7. Select the file.
  8. You can add comments in the Comment box.
  9. Tap the gray Turn In button.

Google Drive to eBackpack Computer

On an iPad: Send File from Google Drive to eBackpack

From an iPad, you can turn a file in from Goolge Drive to eBackpack.

  1. Open the eBackpack app.
  2. Navigate to the Assignment Turn-In Folder.
  3. Choose the Class folder.
  4. Choose the Assignment folder.
  5. Tap the plus (+) sign in the top right-hand corner.
  6. Tap the Google Drive option.
  7. Navigate to the file and select it.
  8. Tap Turn In and Mark as Complete.

Google drive eBackpack iPad

Resource for Students

Having problems with your iPad? Don't know how to get work done in eBackpack?

Click here to visit GCS iPad Central.

Please visit the Jontra Jenius Bar from 8AM - 8:55AM if you have problems with your iPad.

Christina Jontra

Director of Digital Learning

Grace Community School