Survival Guide- Canadian Wilderness

By: William Sierra

10 Skills To Surviving

1 . How To Make A Fire

2 . Filtering Water

3 . Weapons For Hunting

4 . Shelter

5 . Equipment needed

6 . Knowledge

7 . Plants to Eat & Not To Eat

8 . Navigation

9 . Locating any source of pretty much anything useful

10 . First Aid Kit

How To Make A Fire

Ok This Is One Of The Most Important Things To Need To Survive Because You Need To Stay Warm Enough Not To Freeze To Death . So .....

You Can Use String , A Twig , And A Log . You Can Put The String At The Top Of The Twig

Equipment Needed To Survive

You Need A Cloth As I Said To Filter Water, Rope , Lantern , A Multi Tool , A Tarp , And A Flair Guns To Signal Anything, Gloves , Sunscreen , And A Hat So You Don't Get Sun Burned.


Having Knowledge Is One Of The Most Important Thing You Need To Survive ,Knowledge is all about awareness or understanding , such as facts, information, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning

First Aid Kit

Having A First Aid kit Around Is Really Important Because You Never Know When You Might Give Bit By Anything Or Get Sick .