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September 29, 2022

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Prairie View Elementary is a student-centered community who maintains high expectations for all students. The first month of school is off to a fantastic start. Students and staff are working together to set new goals. It is a true pleasure engaging in learning with the students in the classroom, lunchroom, playground, and specials. Thank you for reinforcing positive choices and conflict resolution. Feel free to reach out to your classroom teachers to discuss progress, questions, or concerns.

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Safety Drills

Our students and staff have successfully practiced a fire drill and lockdown drill this month. Students went to their designated location in a timely manner and followed directions respectfully. Please ask your child about their safe space in the classroom. We will practice various drills throughout the school year to ensure confidence in our safety procedures.

Show ID at Doorbell

Please hold up your state ID as you ring the doorbell.

The office staff is instructed to look up each visitor prior to opening the door for anyone. This is a safety measure that has been put in place to ensure our district buildings are secure and students are safe.

All visitors are required to enter the building at the front door only. Please do not enter through any other door.

Student Handbook

Students needing to sign the Student Handbook by the end of the month will read it with the principal during recesses next week. If you haven't already, please read over the Prairie View Handbook with your child and sign the electronic form here.

Parent Teacher Organization PTO

Want to connect with classroom teachers, the principal, and fellow parents? Join PTO in the development of engaging activities, fundraisers, school events, volunteer opportunities, and more. PTO's site is full of information just for you (linked in here).

PTO welcomes all Prairie View Elementary parents/gradians to our monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the PVE Library 3:30-4:30pm. Childcare is provided by responsible teens in a classroom.

HELP WANTED: Para Substitute as needed

PVE is looking for parents to occasionally fill in for our paraprofessionals. The duties would include monitoring students at recess, lunch, and small groups. You will be paid for the hours that you work and you can say no when we call if you are busy that day. If interested, please email twilla.walshon@sd273.com and she will guide you in the application process.

Picture Day

Picture day is coming up on October 4th. Picture packets should come home soon with your child. This year, photos will be only for school-aged students; Leo’s will not be taking sibling photos at PVE. Late orders will not be accepted at school, call Leo's directly after the deadline.

Parking Lot

Our parking lot has one entrance (Northwest side near the intersection) and one exit (Northeast side near the High School). For the safety of all patrons, please enter vehicles on the Northwest and exit on the Northeast.

The bus loop is for busses and daycare vans only. Walkers may use the West Gate by the bus loop. All other students are dropped off at the East Gate.

End of day: Kindergarten parents, thank you for parking in a parking spot to check in with the teacher and load Kindergarteners into their carseats. The loading zone is for quick loading at the stop sign, in which parents stay in vehicles.

Chocolate PTO Fundraiser

PTO will be starting their annual fundraiser next week. This year students will be selling World's Finest Chocolates. This Friday students will attend the kick off assembly and receive their informational packets. Students who return the permission form, regardless of the choice to sell or not, will receive a prize. *Volunteer opportunity on the PTO website, linked below.

PFHS Homecoming Parade

The Post Falls High School will be celebrating Homecoming next week. Prairie View 5th graders are invited to walk in the Homecoming Parade this year on October 5th. 5th graders arrive at 5pm.

All other students and families may watch from Polineline. It starts at 5:30pm at Real Life Ministries and ends at PVE parking lot.

Costume Parade

Prairie View Elementary will hold a costume parade on October 31 at 9:30. All students will walk in a line with their classmates. We will walk around the front of the school (East doors) and enter the building at the bus loop (West doors).

Parents are encouraged to watch from the edge of the parking lot (standing in the loading zone). This is an outside event; therefore, no visitors will be checked into the school on Monday morning.

If you prefer your student not to participate in the costume parade, standard classroom procedures will presume by 10am. Please notify the teacher if you would like your child to wait in the library until festivities conclude.


  • Wear school clothes under costumes. Students will remove costumes and put them straight into their backpack. We are NOT doing a full dress down, which is why parents and volunteers are not needed for this process
  • Focus on learning: Students who do not have a change of clothes will call home for parents to bring clothes, to avoid distractions during the day
  • Keep it positive: Face coverings, paint, and apparel may not be bloody or scary
  • Keep it safe: No real or fake weapons, even if it is part of the costumes
  • Optional: students do not have to wear a costume; however, entire classes will walk together

Dress for Cold and Wet

Students go out for recess in all sorts of weather, including rain and snow. Students may bring an extra pair of socks and shoes in their backpacks.

Thank you for writing names on coats, gloves, hats, water bottles, lunchboxes, and more. Our Lost and Found is already full of missing items.

Cross Country Reminders Grades 1-5

PRACTICE DATES: September 20, 22, 27, 29. October 4, 6 (3:15-4:00).

Practice MEETS: October Practice meet October 7 (1st-5th grades) @ Real Life Soccer Fields. Start time: 4:15pm *NO SCHOOL this day.

All District MEETS:
Wednesday October 12 (1st-3rd grade only) All District Meet @ Real Life Soccer Fields.

Start time: 4:15pm-Parents must transport to and from meet.

This meet will conclude the 1st-3rd grade season for Prairie View students.

Thursday October 13 (4th and 5th grade only).

All District Meet @ Q'melin Park.

Start time: 4:15pm- Parents must transport to and from meet.

This meet will conclude the 4th-5th grade season for Prairie View students.

T-shirts were ordered by families directly through the vender and will be distributed by the teacher for the meets. We do not have any extra shirts.

Veteran Photos

Have a family member or loved one who is active duty or has served in the Armed Forces? We would love to add their photo to our school slideshow for the Veteran's Day recognition.

Please email courtney.beach@sd273.com:

  • Photo of the soldier
  • Student's name
  • Student's connection to soldier
  • Branch served in


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