About Me

Jessica Mulberger

The basic's

My Name Is Jessica Mulberger and I am finally a senior, throughout my senior year I have found that i have many new strengths and weaknesses.

strengths, weaknesses

  • I am a strong reader but I cannot write a paper
  • I pay attention half the time but I struggle actually turning my work in
  • striving for good grades but struggle putting my all in my work

one more weakness

another weakness of mine is staying away from Big Mac's, a Big Mac is probably my favorite food

ten interesting details about me

  1. I sing non stop
  2. I dislike writing papers
  3. I get annoyed very easily
  4. I love meeting new people
  5. I'm going to school to study substance abuse
  6. My dream car is an all black Range Rover or Caddy
  7. I spend way too much money on food
  8. I like to take selfies
  9. I hate cleaning my room
  10. I am not a morning person