Peek at the Week

March 26-30, 2016

Can you feel it coming? SPRING BREAK! Keep focused!

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The week ahead...

  • Last day of third nine weeks
  • Teacher and Employee of the Year Celebration / Faculty meeting


  • Grades due in Power Teacher
  • K-2 Field Day begins at 8:30
  • 3-5 Spring Party begins at 1:45
  • Kona Ice will be sold in cafeteria during regular lunch, not at Field Day
  • Sign out sheets will be given to teachers


  • Verification Reports must be signed - See Mrs. Hampton
  • 3-5 Field Day begins at 8:30
  • K-2 Spring Party begins at 1:45 (except kindergarten)
  • Kona Ice will be sold in cafeteria during regular lunch, not at Field Day
  • Sign out sheets will be given to teachers



  • Terrific Kid @ 8:15 am
  • Report Cards will be in boxes before you leave

Teaching Preferences for 2018-2019

After spring break, the leadership team will begin the process of interviewing for teaching positions. As you know, we are adding a fifth grade classroom, and we will be hiring for Mrs. Farmer's position in 4K. Mrs. Farmer has decided to retire next year. I know you are all aware of how much knowledge and experience Mrs. Farmer brings to our staff, and she will be missed dearly, but we wish her well in this new chapter of her life.

As a part of the planning process, I'd like for each certified teacher to complete this Google Form by April 6th.

Animal Ambassadors

On Friday, April 13th, we will host a group called Animal Ambassadors for our students to enjoy. We will divide students into 2 assemblies for about 45 minutes each at 8:30 and 10:00. During this time, students will get to see and learn about several amazing animals including a baby kangaroo (joey), a hedgehog, bearded dragon, blue-tongued skink, ball python, and a macaw. Trust me, the kids are going to LOVE THIS! This is a free assembly, but we get a profit off of pictures - students get the opportunity to take their pictures WITH one of three animals of their choice.

There are many details to discuss about this assembly, which we will send out via email AND go over at our meeting on Tuesday. Papers will go home this week as we need to begin collecting permission slips and money. Read the email carefully please.

From Mr. Wilson regarding our AdvancED Visit

Below is an email Mr. Wilson sent to principals regarding the visit. I thought I would share with you.


I wanted to share with you the information I sent to the Board of Trustees regarding the AdvancEd visit. The exit summary was very positive and also included some very good suggestions for improvement. The visiting team shared many positive comments regarding their visits to all the schools. I appreciate all the work you and your staff did in preparation for the visit. We will have the final report in 30 days.


Members of the Board,

The AdvancED Review Team has just left the District Office after a morning of compiling their initial findings. A more comprehensive report will be issued in around 30 days, but my leadership team met with the reviewers this afternoon.

The two major themes that the team found and commented on was our culture and our financial practices.

First, they found that Anderson Five “fosters a culture of mutual support, positive attitude, and pursuit of excellence among the students and parents throughout the system.”

Secondly, they highlighted how impressed they were with our current budgeting process and financial stewardship. They stated “the system demonstrates sound fiscal stewardship and strategic resource management that includes planning, budgeting, allocating, and monitoring resources to improve student performance and organizational effectiveness.”

In regards to areas to make improvement, the team highlighted many of the things we are currently working on across the district. Namely, continuing to work on our digital convergence with our 1:1 technology and the training that comes along with such an initiative. They also encouraged us to keep using data-supported indicators to ensure individual programs at the school level are beneficial and cost effective.

Overall, we are very pleased with the initial team report. A lot of hard work went into making sure this was a successful visit, and I also want to thank each of you for taking the time to meet with the review team.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Teacher Survey - please complete

Each year teachers are required to complete a survey for the SCDOE. Please read below for details. This must be completed by April 23. Our school code for the survey is 0405066.

The online teacher survey portal will open on Wednesday, March 21, and the survey can be accessed from the State Department of Education website at Teachers will scroll down to the “Hot Topic” section and select “Teacher Survey.”

This year, the teacher survey still has the same format and same questions. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Teachers must first enter their school identification number (also known as the BEDS CODE or SIDN) and click START to begin. School name will appear. If the school name appearing on the survey form is not the right school, exit the survey and reenter the school identification number. Please understand there is a timeline for completing the teacher survey online. The portal opened on March 21 and closes on April 23.

Who completes this survey? Teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, and speech therapists at their school should complete the teacher survey. Part-time teachers may complete a survey form if they are on campus at least half of each school day or week. The survey may be completed using any computer with internet access. Teachers may use their home computers. If teacher experience problems with their school’s internet access, please direct them to your district technology coordinator for assistance.


I'm so excited to let you know that our request for a fence around the back play area has been APPROVED! The process will begin soon!

I am also gathering information for the district to possibly get the 3M film for our classroom doors /windows, the front lobby glassed area, and possibly our cafeteria and gym.

Be sure to thank Mr. Wilson for making safety a priority for our school!

Check your windows!

You may remember an email I sent out a while back stating that all classroom windows must be uncovered by Spring Break. No curtains, artwork, paper, etc. should cover any window, per fire code. On Wednesday of this week, our district staff will be coming around to check every window in the school to ensure we are in compliance.

I know this especially effects our 4K classrooms and their nap time, but we are hoping to have blinds put up in those rooms soon. Please understand that this is beyond the school or district's control and we are working to get the blinds/shades soon!

Below is the information sent in the original email. Please be sure all are in compliance by Wednesday:

1- All curtains, draperies, fabric hangings and similar combustible decorative materials must be removed from all interior and exterior windows and doors. We have decided to get away from the flame protection spray to prevent liability to our district.

2-All classroom entry doors glass must NOT be covered more than 70% visibility from the hallway looking in or out. You can still have the glass fully covered during intruder drills ONLY must be removed again after drill is over.

3-Must remove all hanging decor from the ceiling in hallways only. You can still have items hanging or attached from the wall.

4-All appliances, fixtures, computers etc. must be plugged directly into the outlet or into a single power strip. No extension cords are allowed for permanent use. Temporary extension cord use is except able.

June Days

The information below was sent to principals last week. This is new info and may change our awards days. I will be in touch about how this effects our schedules. Be aware that your last day will be on Saturday, June 9th. More info to come!

Wednesday, June 6:

  • Elementary dismisses at 11:00am.
  • Middle dismisses at 11:45am.
  • High schools dismiss at 11:45am.

Thursday, June 7:

  • Elementary dismisses at 11:00am.
  • Middle dismisses at 11:45am.
  • High schools have an exam make-up day.

Friday, June 8:

  • Elementary dismisses at 11:00am.
  • Middle dismisses at 11:45am.
  • High schools have an exam make-up day.
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Thank you for the notes, emails, texts, and flowers during my surgery last week! I feel blessed to work with such a caring group of educators!