United States & Canada Comparison

By. Preston Wagner


Well The United States and Canada can be very similar but also very different. Since the two countries are in the same continent, they will have many social similarities..... such as in both Canada and the U.S. they will wear the same kind of clothes and like the same kind of music. But since they are two different countries.

Economic and political comparisons won't always be quite the same. But there might be some similarities somewhere in there. For example, The United States and Canada are both Democratic countries. Which means they have one specific leader who runs the country, but allows the citizens of the country vote for who they want to run the country based on that persons belief so that the citizens get what they think the country needs.

Then comes Economics.. The United States and Canada are both trading countries. Sometimes they trade with each other and sometimes they trade with countries across the world. This is how most countries get money. Since each country is different, they may have different goods growing or being made there. Which is the main idea of trade. Countries want something that their country doesn't have so they ask a country that does have want they want for the good and exchange a unique good from their country to get it. The U.S. and Canada share two borders to seperate the countries but still people travel across because the two countried get along so well. In a lot of places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. You won't get so lucky and your two countries may have an un-settled rivalry. That's about all I have for this article so thank you for reading and now you may leave this website with more knowledge in your brain.