Wes Craven

by: Brittney Hollingshead

Birth Announcement

Wes Craven, born on August 2, 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio. Son of Caroline Miller and Paul Craven.

( Interveiw) How did you get started in films?

"I wasn't allowed to see movies when I was a child. It was against the religion I was raised in, Fundamentalist Baptist. I didn't go into a commercial movie house until I was a sewnior in college, and that was on the sly. It wasn't until I was in graduate school that I immersed myself in films. Then, I went to see all the films by Bergman, Fellini, etc.The first film I made was when I was teaching. Some students came to me and said, "We see you have a camera, would you be our faculty advisor on a movie we want to make? You can shoot it." I said, "Sure", and got all of these free rolls of film from the drama department, and we went out and made a 45-minute mission impossible spoof. We taught ourselves how to edit just by doing it. We didn't have any sort of editing machine, so we did it on a school projector."


I figured this would be an entertaining remake if nothing else, I was wrong. Dead wrong. There was a much richer mysterious element to the original film and to my surprise, much more creative. The biggest question is of course is, which Freddy Krueger is the greater actor, new Freddy ( Jackie Haley) or the original Freddy ( Robert Englund)? Robert Englund brought us a believably creepy and demented sadistic killer where Jackie looked and acted like a pedophile. There were a handful of lines I enjoyed such as the 'body dying but brain living on' speech, but the rest seemed like plagiarized, recycled and poorly delivered lines stolen from all the Nightmare films. so I believe that Robert Englund was the way better actor for the Freddy role.