If You Want a Student to be Perfect

by: Lexi Lahmann

If you want a student to be perfect,

she’ll probably ask you why.

So, you'll tell her that perfection is the key to success

and that she’ll have to be more impressive than her peers.

So, she’ll start to stress over class rank and GPA.

Her class rank will remind her of her grades,

so she’ll sign up for extra AP classes.

Her AP classes will assign her work,

so she will have to study extra hard to make good grades,

and she will, because she has plenty of time to study.

She studies hard to get into a good college,

but you will still not applaud her,

so she’ll join some clubs.

The clubs will remind her of the hours of community service she’ll have to do,

so she’ll cut back on her studying.

Now her resume is “okay,”

but her parents want her to be responsible,

so she’ll probably get a job.

A job will make her schedule tighter,

so she’ll have to make time for that too.

A job will help her get a car.

So, she’ll save her money and buy a car.

Her car will allow her to go all sorts of places,

and remind her of all the places she’ll have to be,

so she probably won’t be home very often.

She’ll want to make some cool friends,

so that you’ll be impressed with her social life.

But, her family will remind her that she needs to see them,

so she’ll go back and forth between family and friends,

and she’ll have to make time for all of that too.

All of the activities will wear down her health,

but she’ll need to be healthy, so she can attend school.

So, she’ll probably need some sleep.

But only for a few hours, because somehow,

she’ll have to make time for that too.

She won’t however, have enough time.

So, she’ll push herself to her limits,

She’ll be in the hospital with 102.4 fever,

and 88/50 blood pressure.

But you still ask her to be perfect,

and she still asks you why.