May 2015

Beauty and the Beast By Grayson

As we all know, the Mill Creek Masqueraders have been putting on great plays for quite some time now. This year, however, they decided to try something a little different with a play that lasted for about an hour and five minutes making it quite possibly their longest production yet! This long play was "Beauty and the Beast". I played the Beast so I'll provide you with some information about this year's performance. The play was Thursday and was performed in the school day and at night for the parents at 6:00. The backstage people were also working as hard as the actors. You might be surprised to find out that these effects were all done by kids. Most of them didn't even need any help at all and just figured out what would look or sound best on their own! Admission was free for anyone 12 and under. Anyone over 12 had to pay the small fee of $5 to buy the drama club curtains. I hope this was useful! Have a great day!

Getting Ready For Middle School by Kaitie

In school, it is pretty easy to become unorganized and messy throughout the year. Even in elementary school, people lose most of their important items due to being unorganized. So, how could it possibly be easier in middle school? If you are in 6th grade and you are asking this question or you lose your things easily, this might help you.

-Try to have separate notebooks and binders for each class.

*If you tend to get in a hurry, try to have your notebooks in different colors.

-Make sure you have extra pencils and paper in your notebooks/binders.

-Have a planner to put your homework assignments and projects with their due dates.

-Make sure that you have the usual school supplies such as paper, pencils, journals, erasers, etc.

-Lastly, make sure that you have your name on EVERYTHING you bring to school, in case you lose something.

I also suggest that you make sure that your locker is neat as well. This can have a great impact on your success in middle school.

-If you can, get a shelf for your locker. It helps a lot.

-Get a locker dry erase board or something to write down reminders, such as your class schedules and anything else you need to remember.

-Make your locker organized with different colored notebooks and binders so that you can easily grab your things that you need and get back to class without having to worry about forgetting something.

If you are in the honors English class, you WILL have summer reading and it is mandatory. You will have projects and group discussions on the book.

Summer Reading

The Uglies- Scott Westerfield

This book is required for all the honors English students. In class, you will be doing group discussions and projects on the book, The Uglies.

Teen Activism By: Shy-Ann

Hello Maverick friends and family! The sixth grade class has put together a group project about being a Teen Activist. To be an Activist means that you want to make a change in your community. To be a Teen Activist means to participate with a group of young students who want to see change. My group topic is about the attitude of adult cancer patients. We want to go volunteer our time to play games or do arts and crafts to let them know we haven't forgotten about them.

Thanks for reading this and if you want to know more then click the link below and read about a young teen activist. Remember it takes one person to make a change!

What's Hot and What's Not - By: Mary and Macy

Feel like you are falling behind in current trends? Need to catch up on what's hot and what's not? We have some current trends and fads here to fulfill your needs.

1. Some popular music artists: Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Imagine Dragons, Nick Jonas

2. Some popular recess games: silent ball, kickball, soccer, sharks and minnows, foursquare

3. Some popular video games: geometry dash, minecraft, terraria

4. Some popular electronics: IPhone 6, Wii U, Beats by Dre

5. Some popular movies: Pitch Perfect 2, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cinderella

We hope you now know how to be the coolest kid in town! :)

ARCHERY by Haripriya

Did you ever find yourself wondering how to keep score in archery, or just how to shoot an arrow? Well, you can find out here. Archery is quite fun, and if you will be in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade next year, you can join our very own Archery Club. It is not very expensive, and the only thing I would recommend for you to buy, if you want to give it a try, is an arm guard, and maybe finger gloves if you want to compete. Buying a bow yourself is optional, but it is helpful, as you will get extra practice. Keeping score is quite simple. Use the picture for a reference. The middle two circles are both ten (bulls eye!). Then you decrease by one as you go out. So the order from middle to outside is 10,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Lastly, the procedure of tournaments. In a tournament, there are different shooting sessions that are called flights. Each flight is numbered, and the earlier you sign up, the earlier you shoot. During each flight, a small group of archers shoots at a target from a varying distance, with a practice shot for every distance change. For example, you could first shoot from 10 m and then move to 15. There are two archers to every target and whistle commands assist in keeping everything safe and orderly. You shoot about 30 arrows during tournaments. That's all, for now, and consider joining next year!
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3rd-5th Grades Field Day by Nives

The annual 3rd-5th Grades Field Day is scheduled for May 13th (May 14th Rain Day) and promises to be great fun for all involved. Students will test their skills and challenge their classmates during exciting events, such as Frisbee Golf, Tug-o-war, Javelin, Cone Sweep, and the 25-yard Dash. Stations will be set up throughout the gym, playground, and sports fields. Activities are planned throughout the day, including seven morning activities and four afternoon activities. Additionally, participants can look forward to a special guest operating one of the stations, as well as a water event and a special indoor activity!

The PTA has dedicated a lot of planning, hard work, and special touches. They include popsicles, a shaved ice station, and ribbons for the boys and girls winners of each class for the javelin and the 25-yard dash events, to make field day fun and enjoyable for everyone. As you make your way through the various stations and enjoy the festivities, you will notice 4-5 PTA volunteers at each station helping to make it successful. Be sure to take a moment and thank them for their time and efforts to give you a special day outside of the classroom!

Have a great time and Go Mavericks!

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The Chorus Show by Katie

Most of you have probably seen the chorus show, We Haz Jazz. If not, the show was a jazz themed show, if you couldn't tell by the title. During the show we met several different jazz stars, like Louie Armstrong and Thelonious Monk. The chorus played two different times at Mill Creek, once for 3-6 grade, and again for K-2. More recently we performed at Bob Jones during the art show. The chorus and Mrs.Stewart hope you enjoyed the show!

The 5th grade aviation field trip by Joseph

On march, 2015,the 5th graders went to the aviation field trip. The trip was mostly about flying an airplane and feel the joy of being off of the ground. The students got to ride on airplanes and see the beauty of flying. They handed out posters and other cool stuff. So, it was very memorable trip for the 5th graders.

And we should be also thankful to Mrs.Smith and all the other people, because they made this all happen.

6th Grade Awards Day By Shelby

6th grade awards day is a day to celebrate 6th graders starting middle school and graduating elementary. At this event,rising 7th graders are given awards for things like character council,running club,drama club,chorus and more! The 6th graders get really excited about this wonderful event because it is something they can cherish forever. If you would like to come to this event, it will be at James Clemens High School on Thursday, May 21st. We hope you can come!



6th Grade Field Day By: Taylor

On April 24, 2015 ,Madison City participated in 6th Grade Field Day. After arriving, the schools headed to the bleachers to watch their participants run the Half Mile Event. Bre White won 4th place in the Girls Half Mile, and Calvin Dorius won 5th place in the Boys Half Mile. Then came the other activities: Tug-of-War, Shoot Put, Standing Long Jumps, 50-Meter Dash, Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, and much more! When it came down to awards, Emma Young won first place overall in 50-Meter Dash, and Manny won 3rd place in Javelin Toss!! Congrats!!! Over all Mill Creek did an amazing job at 6th Grade Field Day!!

Camp McDowell Field Trip by Silvie

The 5th grade Camp McDowell field trip this year was a blast! We learned about everything from macro-invertebrates to habitats to survival skills. We also did other activities such as canoeing and hiking. One of the most challenging things (for me, at least) was going across a swinging bridge that went over a pond. Canoeing was also more challenging than it looked. My team ended up going in circles most of the time! Also, during the meals, we learned about ways to reduce food waste. Overall, I think it was a great field trip, and I can't wait to go back!