Jorge Bautista H.

A Starry eyed dreamer

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Picture 1: I love the theater. Over the Summer I acted as "John" and was part of the ensemble in the musical "Anything Goes". We performed over 12 times. We began rehearsals in the end of march and shows began in the beginning of June. In this particular musical I tapped and danced contemporary.

Picture 2: Most recently I've been rehearsing for the musical "Hairspray". I will be a motormouth kid in this show and part of the ensemble. Tickets sell this Friday!

Theater is my passion because it gives me the ability to give life to a character and words on the script. Theater gives me the opportunity to explore what I am capable as an actor and lets me transform myself into anybody I chose to be.

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I can play the saxophone and the Clarinet. I enjoy music because it express what words cannot. I love to sing because it lets me interpret my feelings into sounds instead of words.

I enjoy the styling of:

Lana Del Rey

Lady gaga

Mariana and the Diamonds


Vampire weekend


Azealia Banks

Missy Elliot

Amy Whinehouse


Mariah Carey


Dr. Dog



Gwen Stefani

No doubt


Florence and the Machine

Ellie Goulding



Destiny's Child


the Blak keys

the Beatles

Adele and many many many more.

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Summer 2013

This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity of being one of the lucky 24 participants of the Martha Guy Summer Institute for future Business leaders. at MGSI I had the chance to gain a broader perspective about the business by interacting with the professors at the Walker school of Business at Appalachian State Universities. For two weeks we studied in classrooms and learned about the various fields in business from Computer information systems to international business to entrepreneurship and marketing! One week out of the three was spent traveling the nation's capital, Washington D.C., and the big apple, New York City. While at Washington D.C. we toured the capital by bus and had the opportunity to watch Congress in action and speak with some staff of North Carolina Senator Richard Burr. Once we arrived in NYC we checked into our hotel rooms and spent the day exploring the big city. Our short days in NYC were filled with visiting several places such as The New York Stock Exchange, Tiffany & Co.'s corporate building, and Bloomberg's corporate building. My favorite part of the trip to NYC was seeing Matilda. I gained some many experiences and life long memories that I will keep for the rest of my life, not to mention some amazing friends, I'm still so grateful for being able to part of this wonderful opportunity. Thanks to MGSI I discovered my abilities in marketing and in business. I will major in marketing once in college.

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I've always liked science but I never really realized how much I really enjoyed the subject until I began to have my questions answered by my experiences. As a child I was very precocious and inquisitive. I always asked why and how. I have this hunger and thirst for knowledge. Why are we here? How are we here? There are some many unanswered questions that I wish to know the answers to. I hope that in my lifetime science will the answer to these and many other questions.