Brad Jackson


What i did yesterday

I rode dirtbikes all day yesterday. My friend Dane wrecked yesterday to. He didn't really damage the bike that much.

Something i do well

I play the snare in marching band. Im gonna do marching band until my senior year. I love marching band.

Something about my childhood

Ive lived in the same house all my life. I like the house i live in but i wish it could be bigger. My could use some repair though.

Something I learned last week

How to ride in a circle on a four wheeler. The way you turn the wheel makes you go the way you want. It takes practice...

Something I can't live without

My phone. If i lost my phone, the world would be boring. I would hate to loose it. I also hate it when I don't have wifi.

Something I like to watch/listen to

funny fail videos on youtube. Some of it I think they planned it out. I don't think those people are that stupid.