Canada's Economic System

With the Regions of the World

Canada's Foreign Aid

  • Foreign aid is a money transferred from one wealthy country to a poor country of the world.
  • Canada gives about 5.5 billion a year with aid. That's 165$ per Canadian.
  • Countries receive aid from Canada on only these three criteria 1. The Country's need for money. 2.The ability of the country to benefit from the money. 3. How well the country's value matches Canada's.
  • Canada gives aid to more then 15 countries of the world. The top three are 1. Haiti 2. Afghanistan. 3.Mozambique.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

  • In 1994 NAFTA made one of the largest free trade zones which includes Canada, Mexico and U.S.A
  • Free Trade is an agreement that allows the trading of merchandise and services with out taxes.
  • Before NAFTA things that were shipped to the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico costed way more!

Fair Trade

  • Fair trade products are food or things that are made under specific criteria.
  • An important part about fair trade is letting the buyers know about the need for better treatment of creators.
  • Fair trade makes sure that skilled workers get a better deal. This means that they get paid more for their products.

Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

  • APEC is a trade agreement that was formed in 1989 with 21 countries with a coastline on the Pacific Ocean.
  • All of the decisions made in APEC are made by consensus.
  • A consensus means that all places involved have the same point of view on an issue or solution to a problem.
  • APEC uses about 60% of the worlds energy use, by 2035 they plan to reduce energy use by at least 45%.

The Maquiladoras

  • A Maquiladora is a manufacturing company in the free trade zone of Mexico.
  • Approximately there are 3000 maquiladoras in Mexico, all along the 2000 mile border of Mexico and the U.S.
  • 90% of all the things produced in the maquiladors are brought to the United States.
  • Maquiladora's produce electronic equipment, clothing,plastic and more!

The Pro's And Con's Of Canada's Economic Interactions

  • Pro - A richer country means better living in Canada.
  • Pro - Canada participates in programs that focus on saving the environment.
  • Con - The U.S is a major threat because of its major Economic super power

Canada Trades

  • Canada imports more then $169 billion in product every year and exports more then$181 billion in product.
  • Some of Canada's imports include: Steel products, Beef, rubber and toys. And some of its exports include: Wheat, Livestock, Wine and vegetables.