The Project

Written By: Brian Falkner

"This time it's not up to Hitler. It's not up to your brother Erich. Right now, It's on your shoulders. Could you really go partying and dancing knowing that you could of saved so many lives but did nothing?"

-Ms. Sheck page 200


Many secrets lay hidden in old books. Secrets as in intelligence and spies but not secrets like time travel and the Holy Grail. The Project is a page-turning novel about two teenage boys, Luke and Tommy, who stumble upon the most boring book in the world while moving books in their library. Leonardo's River, lost for more than a hundred years, is connected to Leonardo Da Vinci and worth millions, but the secrets it holds could be world-shattering. Who would read a book like Leonardo's River which is extremely boring. That is exactly what Leonardo wanted to achieve: hiding his work on time travel in a book which no one would read and if they did, they still wouldn't decode the text unless they knew what they were looking for. After they steal the book from the library, dark forces are soon on their tail. There is only one way to shake them off; they have to unlock the mystery first. But with their pursuers closing in, the clock is ticking for the fate of history. I rate this book an 8 out of 10 for its amazing thrills and the elaborate mystery that the author laid out. I also really like how the author writes from history itself and doesn't make the whole thing up. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes history and mystery and also anyone who is interested in other fictional story lines based on history.

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The Project