Eggs as Ingredients

Eggs can be used in different recipes for different reasons!


  • Keeps ingredients mixed
  • Ex: Mayonnaise, salad dressing


  • Adds air to foods
  • Ex: Meringues, sponge cakes


  • Proteins to coagulate
  • Ex: Sauces, custards

Binding Agents

  • Holds together the ingredients in food
  • Ex: Meat loaf, croquettes

Interfering Agents

  • Helps frozen desserts stay creamy
  • Ex: Ice cream, sherbet

Structure Agents

  • Adds structure to baked products
  • Ex: Muffins, cakes

Nutrient Additive

  • Adds important nutrients
  • Ex: Pudding, cakes

Flavoring Additive

  • Adds flavor to foods
  • Ex: Custards, puddings

Coloring Additive

  • Add color to foods
  • Ex: Interior of cake