The Burning Times

The Wild Fire News

What are wild fires?

A wildfire is a forest fire or plain's fire that grows out of control. It is fueled by dry weather, warm winds, dry undergrowth, lightning, volcano's, or even humans.

A wildfire can consume everything in its path within a few short minutes.

Wildfires can be caused by weather effects, or human cause. Humans can start wildfires by leaving a burning match on the ground, or a campfire that got out of control.

Things that effect us


Wild fires usually occur in forests and prairies.

effects on humans

Wildfires can destroy buildings in the area, kill humans at campsites,raise the temperature of the world(a tiny bit), and add to global warming

Wild fighters

If you burn alone you will go out, but join us and we will ignite

One match can make a difference

Fire fighting conventin

Monday, Oct. 17th, 3pm

3102 Canton Avenue

Lubbock, TX

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