Doctumenary unit

The Interrupters


Neighborhoods, children, and parents should be against youth violence because not only is it a bad influence on children, its negative and too many lives of incent people are being taken due to the fact that people want revenge.

The Interupters defining the purpose:

The purpose if the interrupters was to inform people not only in the Chicago area but in other areas how serious violence is. The way people react because of the actions of one another. And how it strongly affects everyone around them.

Conclusion :

After watching this video film my opinion hasn't changed. It became stronger. I have never been into that violence/gang stuff. I think it is so pointless and very unnecessary. And if the fact that no one ever realizes how it really does affect everyone around them. It builds up the communities identity and gives people who are from that area a bad stereo-typed reputation. I personally feel violence is never the answer. But its a way of life it is all some people know and grew up around.