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Story of Daniel Brennen

Fatal Car Crash

Local high school student and beloved player of the Mumbilli rugby team has killed two people and left one injured in a fatal car crash. Daniel Brennen fled from the scene of a car crash last night where: Luke sky-walker and Nicole Smith found dead and Finnbar Finnegan (which is Daniels own cousin) has been put into to hospital on life support.

Last night at around 11pm witnesses have claimed that at the out of control gathering where the accident had taken place Daniel had reportedly been drinking when his girlfriend had dumped him. He had responded in a violent matter where Fin had got involved. Daniel had gotten into a fight with Fin and after wanted to drive home. He had offered the three a lift home and was speeding. After he had hit the tree he fled from the scene and has not yet been found. Actions will be taken tomorrow after some more investigating has been done.

Locals have said 'Daniel Brennen was an accident waiting to happen' and 'Daniel Brennen deserves what is coming to him'