Munch On Life Not on Lotus

Don't Eat It

Just Say No To The Lotus

I ate a couple of the Lotus flowers and I thought it was still 1976. When someone said that the Lotus flowers are cursed I didn't believe them and I kept eating them. When someone slapped the flower out of my hand I realized that the flower was no good and it had messed with my mind.

The Lotus Is Bad

When I got there I was looking for a gem and one of the waiters offered me a Lotus flower, so I took one and ate it. Then I ate like twenty more and I didn't want to leave that place. Then I asked this one dude what year it was, he said it was 1989. He had been there since 1989.

Radio script

Person1: Don't eat the Lotus flowers just look at me.

Person2: The Lotus has ruined my life and separated me from my family.

Person1: I lost my children and my job to the Lotus flower.

Person2: I eat the flower during the week.

Person1: Eat it on the weekends, anytime anywhere and I'm fighting to quit it.

Person2: I've been addicted ever since I can remember.

Person1: Now I am brain fried and ruined dumb as a box of rocks.