Team Awesome

March 17-21


Regular Math: We begin our statistics unit this week! Students will learn measures of central tendencies and measures of spread. Students will take part 1 of the statistics test before spring break.


Advanced Math - We will complete our statistics unit this week with MAD and box-plots (aka box and whisker plots). Students will complete the performance task on Friday. Our unit test will be next Tuesday.

POW: There will be no POWs for this unit.

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Language Arts

This week in ELA, we will be preparing for our ELA/SS Interactive Learning Night, where our classes will host a character cocktail party, display some of their writing prowess, invite participants to try their hands at descriptive writing, and perform plays. We'll also have published student authors visiting and speaking, so please come out and join us Thursday night. If you're looking for a way to help, any hors d'oeuvres that you might be able to donate for our character cocktail party would be much appreciated. In addition to our exciting festivities, we'll spend some time investigating poetry and language use this week, studying different ways our language works, and crafting poems of our own. Even with all that, we'll still have time left over to review some grammatical concepts and take the folklore quiz we postponed from last week (scheduled now for Wednesday). It will be a busy but fun-filled week.


This week we will begin our unit on the Earth, moon, and sun. We will be learning about the phases of the moon and solar and lunar eclipses. Students will do an activity to help them understand why we only see one side of the moon!

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Social Studies

We are working on European History. Students have their vocabulary and should be reviewing it daily.

This is a challenging unit and I encourage the students to ask questions.

I have made the commitment to learn something new everyday and I have challenged my students to do the same. Join us in our challenge and we will all get better educated!!

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