Henry Knox

Kourtney Johnson

Where were they from?

Henry Knox is from Boston, MA. A bookstore owner, then at the age 21 he joined the Continental Army.

When were they born and when did they die?

Henry Knox was born in July 25, 1750 and he died at Thomason, ME on October 25, 1806, from peritonitis.

Were they married? Children?

Henry Knox was married to Lucy Flucker, Henry Knox had thirteen children but ten died before they were grown.

Why were they considered an American hero?

henry Knox is considered an American hero because when Henry Knox was a bookseller he impressed George Washington when he arrived in 1775 to take command of the Continental Army during the siege of boston. Henry Knox moved the heavy artillery over 300 miles of winter terrain using enormous ox-drawn sleds until they reached at Dorchester Heights.