Welcome to EARTH!

Come see the wonders of a different planet.By: Nicholas Olin

Really nice places to go before you leave.

  1. The great lakes, location by Michigan
  2. The Pacific Ocean, witch is in the middle of the Earth.
  3. Krakatoa volcano, location Lampung

How to regionalize the earth

Here on earth we split the world in many ways, but i will only tell you 3. One way is to split it up into continents. As well as climate zones. Then for the last example, reagons.

The great lakes.

The great lakes is a great place to go. It is a significant place and is a great place for tourist to go. Many people visit there because it is the biggest thing of fresh water in the United States of America. Also many companies transporting goods to places. If you go there you will see 1,708 different animal species. Now the great lakes is not all water it has a little more than 30,000 tiny islands in a total of all the lakes combined. The lakes a nice places to go on a nice summer day, but on lake Superior there was a horrible storm and one of the biggest boats to ever sail on the great lakes the SS Fitzgerald got caught in a storm and sunk.

What some of the lakes look like

Packing list for the great lakes

Packing list

  • Swim suit
  • Fishing pole
  • Floats ( if you don't know how to swim )
  • Snorkel and goggles Water shoes


Warnings for the great lakes

  • Watch out for Zebra mussels, if you step on them it will heart.
  • watch out for pollution hot spots
  • There are some polluted beaches.

The Krakatoa Valcano

Well any volcano is pretty cool ,but this one is still active. This specific volcano gets many tourists because of its history. In 1883 the Krakatoa erupted and it was one of the most deadly eruptions in modern history.


Big image

Packing list for Krakatoa

  • Camera
  • Tank top and shorts so you don't die of heat
  • Water bottle

Warnings for Krakatoa

  • Stay away when active
  • don't go into the volcano
  • Don't get to close
  • Don't touch lava

Pacific Ocean

This ocean is in the middle of the earth so if you look at a map you will see it is huge. Because the ocean is so big and deep it has soooooo many species of living things, some to yet be discovered. The ocean has under water volcanoes and canyons.

packing list for ocean

  • boat
  • fishing pole
  • sunscreen

Warnings for Ocean

  • don't drink the water
  • Sharks and other predators
  • poison plants

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