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15-16 Sawnee Tech News Vol. 29

Selfie Scoot with PicCollage for Kids

Scoot is a game played by placing a task card on each desk. Students move from one card to the next in order solving the problems as they go until they are back where they have started. You can create Scoot games for all of the subject areas with QR codes so students can scan and check their work as they go. Try this end of school version of Scoot shared by Erin*tegration. Instead of questions, leave an iPad on each desk open to Pic Collage for Kids. The first student takes a selfie. The other students to visit leave a compliment or decoration on the selfie. By the end of the rotation, the student will have a great selfie poster! This is a twist to the end of year letters many of you do with your students.

A Week's Worth of STEM Activities

The end of the year is a great time for project based and hands-on learning! Check out the week's worth of STEM activities by The Ardent Teacher. I love the Designing Baby Life Jackets activity!

Use Kahoot! for End of Year Class Quiz

Erin*tegration also shared an idea for using Kahoot! to create a class end of year quiz. Start by writing about 40 questions about the class, the students, and events that happened that year. Try to have each student be the answer to at least 1 question. Students had a BLAST working in teams to answer the questions. She also wrote questions asking about where students traveled during the year, who dressed up as what for Halloween, who wrote which writing pieces, the subject of students projects (i.e. who presented their biography about Teddy Roosevelt), etc. She also included some silly “inside” class jokes. *Haven't used Kahoot! yet? Create your account here and ask Betsy for pointers!

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