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Former British colony, now Singapore has one of the highest life standards; this small country, consists of one city, one city on an island; is it famous tourist destination, the nice climate is not the only reason, the great cuisine, the luxury boutiques and just the way of life, are very attractive.

As a small island nation the living space has only one choice- going up, there are many skyscrapers which are the most common place to live. The prices are very high and many real estate companies are making good deals here.

Iskandar is on the border between Malaysia and Singapore, fast developing zone; from the other side Malaysia is investing crazy money in Iskandar Malaysia, that helps the development in the Singapore side; this is the main reason to Real Estate in that part to be very fast growing too.

Latest news says that Iskandar’s investments became huge and this will make the economy to grow very fast. A growing economy means more people, who will need a place to live (of course); after the launching of the three ambitious real estate project there are more Singaporeans who want to live there too.

The Real Estate in Iskandar Singapore is very fast growing market, there will be more than 4000 homes in the famous Iskandar Waterfront, like you can suppose the prices will be very high also;

There are many property portals,one of the best is Property Guru Singapore Iskandar, in their company site you can find all the luxury and high standard homes but you can publish your own place to sell or rent.

This is a Singapore real estate group (investor), that constantly search the Malaysian property market, to find the best oh the best properties and to share them with a companies that have the same market ideas.

The Real Estate Singapore Iskandar works trough organizing for the potential investor, trips around the Johor city. As a future investor you will enjoy the tasty food and the most beautiful urban views at your trip.

Property Guru Iskandar Singapore started in 2007, in was an Idea of one man, who found in 2006 that the Property online portals are the new way - like an online agency in your fingertips; he went in Singapore and made his own research, that showed – that Singaporeans have Property obsession. Not long after he introduced his idea to one of his colleagues, also an online portal administrator; in the beginning they worked on their project just two days a week.

This was an ambitious idea; when started there was great competition – three large portals that launched even before the Property Guru Singapore Iskandar’s , says one of the inventors; first 18 months were difficult and then it happened – in 2013 they had over 60 million $ income.

In 2011 they, expanded its activity to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, but it wasn’t that good idea, handling too mush countries put everybody in big stress.

Now the Real Estate Singapore Iskandar online property portal is used from over 14000 property agencies, in all the world.

The Property Guru Singapore Iskandar makes profit in three ways – its agents-you pay for their services; having that much visitors, make the ads very profitable and their price very high; it covers all the property “development “- sales and ads.

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TriTower Residence @ Johor Bahru Sentral