Vol. 7 January 11 2015

Hide and Find with Friends

Theme: Hide and Find with Friends

Book: How to Hide a Lion from Grandma

By: Helen Stephens

This week we are talking about playing with friends. In our Book of the Week, the children will learn about playing hide and find. The children will learn about initiating play and finding friends by looking under, beside, behind and inside.

For Special Center, we will play hide and find. We will take turns hiding and finding each other. We will also invite some of Ms. Shauna’s students to join in our hide and find game later in the week.


Objects, place, activities: foam pit, gym, trampoline, ball pit, slide

Social: friend

Actions: hide, find, play, jump, run

Attibutes: turn taking

Song: “I Love You” song

Small Group: The children will play hide and find (hide and go seek).

Early Birds at Home

This week we are working on vocabulary related to playing with friends. We will be using the above terms to work on the concept of how the children can play with their friends and the importance of taking turns. At home, you can play games or participate in activities using this week’s vocabulary. You could talk to your child about play with their friends while riding in the car or at dinnertime. You can talk about favorite games or activities, friends who you might ask to play, or play hide and find around the house.

What's New!

Weather/Calendar Helper

We will add a new activity to circle time this week. The children will take turns being the weather/calendar helper. The children will get to talk about yesterday, today and tomorrow as well as the weather conditions.

Early Bird Illness Policy

If you fear your child may be coming down with something, has a fever or virus, or has had a fever or virus within the past 24 hours, please keep him/her home. When the kids are not 100% well, they have difficulty learning and benefit less from being at school. Also, keeping them home helps prevent epidemics! If you know your child will be absent, please call or text 214-864-3013. Thank you for your cooperation!!!!