Learning Style Artifact

Gracie Davis


A verbal or linguistic person is someone who is related to words and language. This person likes to read books, communicate through messages and likes to explain things. They learn best by saying, hearing and seeing things.


Someone who is a logical person and is reasoned, precise, and accurate. Logical people like to work with numbers, conduct experiments and they like to problem solve. They learn best by classifying patterns and numbers.


A person who is physically active and is aware through their senses. This person uses all there senses; hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and feeling. They learn best by touching, moving, and interacting with others. They like to move around and use their senses.


Someone who sees things as a mental image; or just someone who uses their sight in general. This person likes to draw, build, design and create. They learn best by using their sight, pictures and by using colors.


Musical people are people that sound that is arranged in patterns, tones, and pitches to them through music, poetry, color, painting, and photography. They like to sing and are good at piecing up sounds and beats. These type of people learns best by listening to music and melody.


Someone who is related to relationships with other people. This person has a lot of friends and likes to talk a lot. They enjoy sharing with others and would prefer to work in a group rather than alone. This person works by working in groups and by communicating.


This is somebody who likes to keep things to themselves. They do not communicate a lot and the are very quiet. They would prefer working alone rather then with a group. They work best by working alone and self paced.


A naturalistic person is somebody who is related to the environment and to nature. They like to be outdoors and they like to study plants, weather, and outdoor animals. This person learns best by being outside and learning about nature.