News and Notes

January 28th Edition

From the Principal

Hello Lawson families,

Not by popular demand, I tried to give a heads up to a few families that wait outside of Door 14 for parent pickup. If you were there, you heard me ask families to begin waiting in cars when they drop off in the morning or pick up in the afternoon to see if we can speed up the pick up line (I'm hoping that if we do not have to stop traffic for parents/guardians to cross from our parking lot on the northwest side of the building, the lines will flow smoother and faster). I think we are seeing an uptick in parents picking up due to the colder weather and periodic bussing concerns.

I do realize that no one wants to wait in the long parent pick up line. I also realize that this might not be an immediate fix either, however I am getting a lot of feedback from families in cars (and parents that pick up) that the line is too long and is unsafe as it backs up into Merle Hay Road.

I plan to work on the logistics of swapping the parent pickup/drop off (on the Northwest side) with bus drop off (on the East side of the building). I think we can funnel way more cars into that side of the building and then the flow of traffic can spill into the neighborhood to the south of Lawson, verses onto NW 62nd Street or Merle Hay. I wish I could make this swap sooner, (but with signage adjustments, lines of parking lots, bussing logistics, etc.) this is not something that can happen until next year.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to try and make things smoother/better with pickup/drop off as it currently is, but there are not a lot of options to make it better. If you have any suggestions or ideas for me to consider, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm also reaching out to the city to brainstorm options for the reminder of the school year.

I realize the current space is not ideal. I will continue to work to make it as safe and efficient as possible until we can make adjustments over the summer. Thanks for being supportive and understanding.

Kind regards,


Look What's Happening at Lawson!

Celebrating the 100th Day of School in Kindergarten!

District Wide PTO meeting

  • All District PTO Meeting and Link: All District PTO meeting at 6:45 on Feb. 8. Mrs. Kacer will plan on joining on this link and sharing her State of the Schools speech then buildings will break out into their own links.

Outside Recess

A quick reminder that students will participate in outdoor recess any time that the wind chill temperature is recorded at 6 degrees or higher. Please remember to always send appropriately warm clothes for your student to be outside on chilly days.

If the wind chill is reported on the national weather service site as being 5 degrees or less, our students will have fun indoor recess. During indoor recess, students enjoy playing games, drawing and many other fun activities.

Spring Conferences

Watch your email late next week for the link to sign up for your student's parent teacher conferences. Spring parent teacher conferences will be held Thursday, February 25th and Tuesday, March 1st. You will be able to chose to do your conferences in person or by zoom.

PTO will also host the Scholastic Book Fair during this time. More information to come!

Take a Book to the Beach Day!

What's Coming Up!`

Monday, January 31st Day 1 RA Schedule

Tuesday, February 1st Day 2 RA Schedule

Wednesday, February 2nd Day 3 RA Schedule

Thursday, February 3rd Day 4 RA Schedule

Friday, February 4th Day 5 RA Schedule

Tuesday, February 8th All District PTO meeting by zoom

Thursday, February 24th 12:35 Dismissal

1:30-8:00 pm Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, March 1st 3:35 Dismissal

4:30-8:00 pm Parent Teacher Conferences